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puce What is ELCI project ? 

ELCI is a French software project that brings together academic and industrial partners to design and provide a software environment for the next generation of HPC systems. The project is funded by the participating partners and by the French FSN “Fond pour la Société Numérique”.

The project was launched in January 2015.

puce What are ELCI’s main objectives?

The principal objective for the project is to facilitate the development of a software environment that meets the demands of the new generation of HPC architectures. This will cover the whole software stack (system and programming environments), numerical solvers and pre/post/co processing software.

A co-design approach is employed, that covers the software environment for computer architectures, the requirements of more demanding applications, and is adapted to future hardware architectures (multicore/many core processors, high-speed networks and data storage).

These developments will be validated according to their capacity to deal with the new exascale challenges- larger scalability, higher resiliency, greater security, improved modularity, with better abstraction and interactivity for application cases. 

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